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Danny Oh

название радиошоу: Trance Frontier, Sundance Recordings Radio Show

Малайзия, г. Куала Лумпур

Danny Oh steps up weekly to bring what is considered the best radio show each and every week. His skills and reputation are globally known and loved by all as each week he takes each listener on a magical journey to Uplifting Trance. In some special way it almost feels like a personal journey as each week his shows take on a life of it’s own and his regular followers flock to hear this master play.
Danny is no stranger to big events as he opened shows for the bigger named DJs in his native Malaysia plus his yearly Christmas and New Year specials where he gathers DJs from around the globe for a massive party have now become legendary as he had the “Masters Of Trance” on each of these events …
Danny has also made a few guest spots himself,rubbing shoulders with:
Tiesto ..on his Club Life show
ReOrder..on his Closer To You show
Ernesto vs Bastian..The Next Level show
Ian Standerwick…Trance Sensation show
Dave Cold ..Diversity Trance Sessions show
Suzy Solar ..Solar Power Sessions show
Yet again it’s time to board the flight, take your seats , do up your seat belts as Danny will fly us to his soul with the almighty Trance Frontier radio show.
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